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Spotsy Dog Park thanks you for your generous donations!!

Please email us at for a tax receipt.

Thank you To Our Flower Bed Beautification Volunteers!!

Thank you to everyone that came out to Spotsy Dog Park for our May Days celebration! It was truly an awesome day! Thank you to our volunteers for all of their time and hard work, and thank you to all of our patrons for their donations to make our park the best!

Volunteers and donations of flowers and mulch and installation include:

Ace Hardware, Meadow Farms, 

Linda Rooney, Brooke Tubbs, Williams Family, Sandra and Craig Strech, Jim & Ellen Hilton, Big O and Kerry, Kearn and Kayla Knowles, Kathy Benitez, Peggy Wagoner, Kim Markulis, Becca &Devon Bane, Sandy & Arlene Schreiber, Pat Cognate and Bob Mitchell! 

Thank you for making this project a huge success!

images-removebg-preview (1).png

Spotsy Dog Park wants to Thank Doody Calls for all their hard work and dedication to keeping our park clean and bringing bigger and better waste stations for our Paw and People patrons! (To Contact Doody Calls, (888) 659-6558)


Thank you Darcie Hood & Family! 

Here is another great addition to the dog park, part of bench #4 located under the pavilion on the large dog side was donated by 3 donors!  One being The Hood Family, Thank you for the generous donation from Darcie Hood and Family, Charlie (RIP), Higgins and Draco.

Charlie and Higgins_edited.jpg

Thank you Greg Williams & Family!


Our AMAZING park is GREAT because we have people who really care about making the park the BEST there is. Our park is fully supported by its users. Spotsy Dog Park Lovers is not connected or funded by the county in any way. So everything you see at the dog park was either paid for or donated.

Here is another great addition to the dog park, bench #2 located under the pavilion on the large dog side. 

Thanks to the generous donation from Greg Williams Family and Daisy.

So remember when you are sitting on the benches, it is because one of our own was so kind to purchase it for the park.

Thank you Kristi  Walker Van and Paul Van!


You may have noticed the benches at the dog park have name plates on them. Each one was purchased in dedication or in memory of someone or their dog(s). Each bench costs over $500 each.


Without these benches, our patrons would have no where to sit while their dogs play. Another great benefit to our park.


This one in particular was donated by Kristy Walker Vann and Paul Vann in honor of their dogs, Kylo and Juma.

Thank you Pruitt Family!


Thank you to the Pruitt Family for your donation of Bench #3, located under the pavilion on the large dog side of the park. This is an incredibly thoughtful way of remembering your children (Lauren and Dean Sperry) and supporting the work they felt so passionate about. We will always be grateful for the support they/you have shown the Spotsy Dog Park over the years. They truly touched so many lives and your donation ensures that their legacy lives on.

Lauren and Dean’s lives were taken to soon.


“A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” — Maya Angelou

Thank you Kearn Knowles Jr.!

A HUGE shout out to Kearn Knowles Jr. for his hard work getting the entire small dog side aerated, lime application, fertilized, and seeded.…FOR FREE!!!!! Kearn contacted Gamez Sorto Tree Service and told them that we are a nonprofit dog park that is in no way funded by the county to see if they would be willing to donate their services. Gamez Sorto Tree Service (540-850-5737)  agreed to donate the aerating and seed to the park. Then Kearn went one step further and reached out to Tractor Supply to see if they would be interested in donating the lime and fertilizer for the small dog side. Tractor Supply said yes without hesitation. So Gamez Tree Service offered to apply the lime and fertilizer as well for us. This is a huge win for the dog park. Last year the park had to pay $6,000 to have this all done to the big dog side of the park. Now keep in mind we are a donation funded park. So for us to be able to save that money for other things at the park is invaluable.

Let’s show our appreciation to Gamez Tree Service and Tractor Supply by utilizing them for your future needs. And thank you again to Kearn for seeking out community resources for this project.

Also a huge thank you to Garcia Landscaping for donating a truckload of dirt to the park. Another community outreach by Kearn.

Thank you Kearn Knowles!

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