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UPDATE: Water!

Hello Paw-Patrons! Guess What??? The WATER IS BACK ON! 

GREAT NEWS….Water has been restored at the dog park. A HUGE thank you goes out to Kearn Knowles Jr. and Craig Stretch for fixing the problem!  Also, the water bowls and tennis balls are out and ready to be played with!


Don't forget the next meeting is the first Monday of the month at the Salem Church Library at 6 p.m.!

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Spotsy Dog Park wants to Thank Doody Calls for all their hard work and dedication to keeping our park clean and bringing bigger and better waste stations for our Paw and People patrons! (To Contact Doody Calls, (888) 659-6558)



Meetings 1st Monday of the Month

6 - 7:45PM


Monthly Meeting has moved to the Spotsy Dog Park!

Due to popular demand, Make sure to add the first Monday of the month to you calendar! Meetings will be held  6pm until 7:45pm at the Spots Dog Park located at 10801 Gordon Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22407.  We look forward to seeing everyone out there!


Check out the Events page for more information about Fundraising and Donation Events!


3rd Anniversary THANK YOU!

Thank you to all the companies that donated to our raffle! Our patrons were very thrilled to receive your donation!  All the funds raised from the raffle will help our park grow more this year!

Some of the great prizes won at the event:


The following companies supported and donated to our raffle!

  • 1781 Brewery

  • Robyn Photography

  • Downtown Greens/Anker Mobile Bar, 

  • Burg Charcuterie, 

  • Cool Zone Ice Cream, 

  • Mi Tierra Taco and Grill,

  • Crumbl Cookies


A special Thank You! to Sweet Home Fredericksburg for the fun light up collars for our dogs! 

Another special Thank You! Dog Krazy for coming and donating to our event as well!

  • All Fur Pet Grooming, 

  • Pets Plus

  • Dirty Paws Dog Wash, 

  • Medical Massage Clinic

  • Gormeltz

  • Canine Massage

  • Ice Box Creamery

  • VASEN Brewing Company


Dedications to the Park

Bob Biscoe Pavilion 

The pavilion located on the small dog side of the park was dedicated in memory of Bob Biscoe. Who’s Bob Biscoe, you ask?


Robert "Bob" Biscoe


Robert Lee Biscoe, of Fredericksburg, Va., passed away on the morning of March 18, 2021. Raised in Fredericksburg, Robert "Bob" Biscoe graduated from James Monroe High School in 1970 and the University of Richmond in 1974. 


In his career, Bob worked locally in banking, real estate, and moving services, and was a member of Business Network International. Outside of work he loved learning, cooking, gardening, art, Jazzercise, and participating in the Alliance Française. 


During retirement he volunteered for the Senior Visitors Program of the Mental Health America of Fredericksburg. For the past nine years, Bob dedicated his time and expertise to the development of the Spotsy Dog Park, and for three years was the President (a.k.a. "Head Beagle") of Spotsy Dog Park, Inc. Bob loved all people and animals, brought joy and laughter to everyone he met, and relished a fine meal.


So now when you sit under this pavilion, watching your dogs playing, you can thank Bob for all of his hard work for making the dream of the park a reality for us all.   Let’s honor Bob’s legacy with our continued respect for the park.

Darin and Kerry O'Shields Pavilion

The Shelter on the big dog side was dedicated to Darin and Kerry O'Shields and their dog Jameson. The O'Shields have been instrumental to the many improvements in the park, most notably in funding water installation this summer. During the 2nd annual anniversary we raised $2445! Thank you all. We could not have done it without you. 100% of this money will be used for park enhancements. Here is a little history on the dedication of the pavilion on the big dog side.  Please see more about their story and dedication to the park here. 


Darin “Big O” O’Shields and Kerry “Kerry O" O'Shields are the property and pets of Jameson… the archenemy of the Spotsy Dog Park. Everyone knows Jameson as being the very playful, very friendly troublemaker. Now let me introduce you to Darin and Kerry. 


Big O is a retired law enforcement officer and presently owns an independent motorcycle shop in the area. Kerry O is a registered nurse and workers comp case manager.

Big O and Kerry are active in what they refer to as the area’s “thug biker type family members”… a group of like minded, charitable motorcycle enthusiasts that do charitable works in our community. One activity in particular is their Thursday night Big O Charity Bike Night held at Amy's Cafe downtown Fredericksburg. Last year, they raised over $40,000 for local charities. Over $9,000 of that fundraising money went to the Spotsy Dog Park to improve area beautification and installation of the water system.


Working with our parks Board of Directors, the County Board of Supervisors, Matt Hayden of Professional Plumbing Solutions, and our thug biker type family, our water system was planned, permitted, paid for and installed in record time, ensuring our furry family members would have hydration while playing. Our thug biker type family members paid for the water, but not the monthly cost of maintaining the water bill, so Big O and Kerry continue to raise money to support our Park. That said, they encourage everyone who enjoys what the park has to offer to donate money and supplies and volunteer when then they can.


Additionally, when you see a Dog’s “pet" at the park, usually wearing Harley Davidson attire, be sure to thank them for their support. Big O says none of his and Kerry’s work would be possible without their continued support… and Jameson needs a place to terrorize his friends.


So when you sit under this pavilion remember how much work went into not only getting this pavilion, but also the luxury of having clean running water for you pup to drink while playing at the park. 

Fundraising Events

Thank You to Big O' Bike Shop Charity!

Thank you so much to the Big O' Charity Bike Events for making the Dog Park their charity recipient for the month of February. They raised $3,300 with their amazing dinner events, to go towards our goal of installing water in the park. 


Thank you to Darin and Kerry O'Shields!

Darin and Kerry OShields have worked so hard raising funds so all our fur kids can have a Big O drink of water! First, in February '22 they raised $3300 for the park. Then in May they raised an additional $6200 through the Bike Night Charity Raffle they conduct monthly for various worthy charitable organizations throughout Fredericksburg and the region. May's generous donation included $1250 raised through an awesome Bike Ride through the County, past the dog park, ending at Angel Alpaca Farm. These are some really fun folks that are serious about raising funds for great causes.

Spotsylvania County has generously voted to help us cover costs related to water installation, Their generosity covered the cost of the permit and installation of the water main and connection fee. Awesome work for our pups!

Missed going last time? The park will again be the recipient charity in May! Check out the Facebook Event page for more info!

New Memorial Gardens!

Volunteers and the Dog Park Board have been busy installing some beautiful new memorial gardens at the park. Soon they will be overflowing with flowers, and will be a beautiful addition for everyone to enjoy.

Many thanks to Johnson Pet Cremation Service in Locust Grove for funding this project!

Memorial​ ​Options

Interested in having a memorial for your companion? While there's always been an option for having a plaque with an image along the fence line, there will now be an option for memorial stones made of marble composite. Check out the projects and news page for more information! 

Multi-Part Garden

Flower Installation 2023

What it was...

While the garden sections closest to the gates are dedicated to our current and former pups, we have als​o installed a third garden which will specifically honor retired military and police dogs. See new and improved updates in the THANK YOU section!

Welcome to our Park!

How You Can Help

Get involved. Please see our Donations page.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Thanks for your donation!!

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