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We've Been Awarded a Grant!

We've been awarded $5,467 from the Aune Sturdy Fund of Community Foundation. With these funds we have some big plans for the park this Spring/Summer. We will be working on establishing new turf grass on the Big Dog side of the park since the grass currently there has died back quite a bit. This means that the Big Dog side will be closed down for some time to prep and then let the new grass establish. We will update with more specific time frames in the near future!

Thank You to Big O' Bike Shop Charity!

Thank you so much to the Big O' Charity Bike Events for making the Dog Park their charity recipient for the month of February. They raised $3,300 with their amazing dinner events, to go towards our goal of installing water in the park.

Missed going last time? The park will again be the recipient charity in May! Check out the Facebook Event page for more info!

Beautification Projects

New Memorial Gardens!

Volunteers and the Dog Park Board have been busy installing some beautiful new memorial gardens at the park. Soon they will be overflowing with flowers, and will be a beautiful addition for everyone to enjoy.

Many thanks to Johnson Pet Cremation Service in Locust Grove for funding this project!


To: Ellen Upton! 👏 👏 👏

This morning (3/3/23), Ellen worked long and hard pulling vines out of the fences and planted some beautiful pansies to spruce up our park and get it ready for Spring! 🌸🌸🌸

Another very big

📣✨THANK YOU 📣✨to Craig for mounting the rails where the flowers can rest! Great work! 👏 👏👏

Thank you, Ellen and Craig for your constant commitment, time and effort into making our park a better and more enjoyable place to be, every day!

Enjoy the flowers and clean fence lines friends! Have a pawsome day! 🐾 🐾🐾

Memorial​ ​Options

Interested in having a memorial for your companion? While there's always been an option for having a plaque with an image along the fence line, there will now be an option for memorial stones made of marble composite.

We suggest a donation of:


$150 for a Memorial Stone

$125 for a Memorial Plaque

Please email us at for more information on either of these options.

Multi-Pa​rt Garden

While the garden sections closest to the gates are dedicated to our current and former pups, we have als​o installed a third garden which will specifically honor retired military and police dogs.

Thanks to our sponsor Hinkle Concrete!

Our recent hero Hinkle Concrete donated the concrete for our walkways and railing.

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